Mandarin Courses


Mandarin Courses

The world s most spoken language. Mandarin Chinese has 845  million first language speakers mainly in China, Malaysia and Singapore. There are also significant numbers of people who speak Chinese as a second language throughout the world. China is blessed with some of the richest lands in the world, and is home to one of the world s oldest civilisations. Today China is the most populous country in the world with over 1.3 billion people, approximately one-fifth of the world s population.

Business Chinese Conversation Course (BCC)

This course designed for the people among the industrialists and businessmen who wish to learn mandarin but not able to take a systematic course at an institution. The present course serve necessary Chinese knowledge and skills that may help the students                 

Comprehensive Mandarin Course (CMC)

This course designed for 6 to 16 year-old students. It serves not only Chinese language ability but also Chinese culture about festivals, customs and so on. Students would have the ability to communicate, study or work in Chinese speaking region.

Happy Chinese for Children (HCC)

This course designed for 3 to 6 year-old children. Enjoy learning Mandarin by music, dance, drawing or game playing. Let the children get more and more interested in Mandarin studies

Chinese Culture Course

This course designed for those want to learn Chinese culture through Guzheng, Chinese chess,Calligraphy and painting. Student will get the knowledge and skills of the instrument or chess. It helps to make an environment to pratice